Frozen Beaver ROGAINE

6 hour foot ROGAINE

As you should have noticed by now, Cabin Fever has been replaced by The Frozen Beaver ROGAINE. The beavers should be hibernating in February but you never know. So come to Lake Hope help wake up those beavers for some exercise to get warmed up. Lake hope State Park has a very well kept trail system with deep rolling hills that will satisfy every's ones need for a winter adventure. The Frozen Beaver will feature a warm Start/Finish in the Lake Hope Lodge and a hot buffet of food at the conclusion. The meal is catered by the Lake Hope Lodge and includes Pulled Pork, Rolls cut in half to make sandwiches, baked beans, green beans & coleslaw, coffee, tea and water. Wow, Hope you work up an appetite. I know we will.

Zaleski Forest

8:00am Sign in begins
    (maps and scorecards)
9:45am meeting
10:00am mass start
3:30pm food served
4:00pm course closes
4:30pm (or so) awards

Green Corn Moon ROGAINE
Date: 8.6.2016

6 hour day into night foot ROGAINE

2015 brings a new schedule for those afraid of the dark. One half light and one half dark and finish before the werewolves attack at midnight. Explore a very fun park full of trails and limited undergrowth which makes for easy navigation in the dark. Expect a bonus navigation challenge to test your skills. Your endurance will already be tested on Great Seal hills. We celebrate everyone's survival with a big breakfast buffet. With the new finish time most will make it home by daylight or can enjoy a night of camping.

Children 12 and under are FREE with parent registration. (No shirts) Do not register the children, just bring them, but must be listed on the waiver form.

4:00pm Sign in begins
(maps and scorecards)
5:45pm meeting
6:00pm mass start
11:00pm food served
12:00am course closes
12:30am (or so) awards


Sleepy Hollow ROGAINE
Date: 11.12.2016

6 or 12 hour foot ROGAINE

Falling leaves, cool temps, big climbs await you to explore SciotoTrail in late fall. This event offers a 6 hour option and a 12 hour option to those over achievers. Plenty of trails and forest roads to quickly get you to attackpoints. Once you have located all the checkpoints you desire a buffet of hot food and cold drinks await.

7:00am Sign in begins (maps and scorecards)
8:45am meeting
9:00 am mass start (6 & 12 hour)
2:30 pm food served
3:00 pm end 6 hour
3:30 pm (or so) 6 hour awards
9:00 pm end 12 hour
9:30 pm (or so) awards