Welcome to NSF Adventures world headquarters on the webernet.

NSF (Not So Fast) Adventures started as a joke as four middle aged dudes set out for our first ROGAINE at Tar Hollow around 2004. So the morning of our first ROGAINE we agreed to meet at Bob Evans in Chillicothe to get in a good hot breakfast. That morning was about -10*F so the hot breakfast was a great idea. So as we are eating, one team mate a retired Ohio State Highway patrolman spoke up and gave us some news. He was dropping out due to being just too cold. The remaining three of us finished up breakfast and car pooled to Tar Hollow. Our third team mate was a retired Marine which we put all our confidence in to show us the ropes of navigating. (Hold that thought) We get our map, go to the car, begin discussing route. We ask the Marine how many can we get? He replies "all of them, this isn't bad" We are like "alrighty then, where do we start?" We pick the closest CP to the start line at the word go. We get about 75 yards and he is doing circles with his compass, pointing and says "let's shoot and azimuth" W are like, "Okay, How?". An experienced racer offer help saying "put away that compass, it's on the hill" So up the hillgoes Chuck and Tony. We get about 50 yards up and no Marine in sight. He quit! He goes back to the car and sleeps for the 6 hours. By the end of the 6 hours we figured out this navigation stuff and have been hooked since.

Since then we went on to race many ROGAINES and AR's over the years which led to helping pick up CP's then on to setting courses and promoting events.

So if you are new to the sport, young, old, middle aged, fast, slow or whatever please remember, IT's about the personal adventure and not about winning or losing. Hope to see you out there having fun.

Chuck & Tony