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Frozen Beaver ROGAINE

The beavers should be hibernating in February but you never know. So come to Lake Hope help wake up those beavers for some exercise to get warmed up. Lake hope State Park has a very well kept trail system with deep rolling hills that will satisfy every's ones need for a winter adventure. 
The Frozen Beaver will feature a warm Start/Finish in the Lake Hope Lodge and a hot buffet of food at the conclusion. The meal is served by the Lake Hope Lodge and includes Pulled Pork, Rolls cut in half to make sandwiches, baked beans, green beans & coleslaw, coffee, tea and water. Wow, Hope you work up an appetite. I know we will.

Date: 02.03.2018
6 hour ROGAINE

8:00am Sign in begins
    (maps and scorecards)
9:45am meeting
10:00am mass start
3:30pm food served
4:00pm course closes
4:30pm (or so) awards

Required gear;
Each person shall carry at all times;
  • whistle
  • compass
  • map (provided)
  • hydration

Each team/solo shall have;

  • properly signed waiver
  • race number on back
  • charged and functional wireless phone
  • emergency space blanket

Each person shall receive;

  • pre-marked waterproof map at 1/24,000th scale
  • HOT food buffet at conclusion
  • giveaways as provided by sponsors
  • a challenging and rewarding day in a natural setting that just can not be duplicated

Each team/solo shall receive;

  • scorecard
  • race bib number
  • pre event email on the Wed. before the event
  • entry for $50 cash drawing at start line


    Cost- $60 per person

    Registration CLOSED SOLD OUT

    Entries to this event will be limited to 100 people to ensure a quality event. Registrations will be closed upon receiving 100 entries and could close before the stated dates below.

    Registration deadline to get a shirt will end on 01.17.2018 at 11:59 pm.
    Registration will close on 01.29.2018

    To add a team mate to an existing team, register as a solo. Use the team name plus "add me to:" in the team name question.

    Payments are processed by Paypal at no additional cost. Upon registration submission, click on the payment link or write down the address provided if mailing a check.

    Download, print and sign this waiver to expedite the sign in process.

    Lake Hope State Park
    Zaleski State Forest

    27331 State Route 278


    N 39° 20' 22.11", W 82° 21' 19.14"

    Park Office: (740) 596-4938
    Reservations: (866) 644-6727
    Dining Lodge: (740) 596-0601

    (lower level banquet room)

    Lake Hope State Park

    Zaleski State Forest

    Teams and solos will scour Lake Hope State Park and Zaleski Forest locating hidden checkpoints. Checkpoints will be placed on or near trails, on, around or under various terrain features, and distance between checkpoints varies but usually will be about 1km apart. Each person can help navigate using our topographical maps. (backseat drivers) You may utilize trails, roads and bushwhacking. 

    Absolutely NO trespassing on private property.

    Each person on a team are required to stay within 50 yards or less from each other at all times.

    Please visit our rule page.