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Rules & Policies

Registration Policies
You should know your own limitations. You are responsible for your own safety. Please ask questions before registering.
1. Teams sizes may range from 2-4 for adventure races and 2-5 for all ROGAINE's.
2. Solo's will be accepted for  ROGAINE's and adventure races except for any 24 hour event.
3. Anyone under 18 must be with a parent or guardian and both must sign a waiver.
4. The contact person (or solo) will be considered the team captain/spokesperson during any briefings or activities.
5. Waiver forms must be signed and submitted to the race official before participation.
6. Events will be conducted during rain, snow, darkness, sunshine, subzero or extreme heat. We make every attempt NOT to cancel a event. BE PREPARED!!!
7. Events may be postponed or rescheduled due to severe storms.
8. Should we cancel a event, a full refund will be issued or race credit.
9. Registration closes several days prior the event and may close early if we limit the number of entrants. To get a t-shirt you must register before the posted deadline. No extras are ordered.
10.Refunds.Race Credits;
A Full refund may be issued 21 days prior to the event. After that a race credit  will be issued.
No credits will issued if you are a no show!! Credits must be arranged at least 12 hours prior to the event start time. The race credit entry form link will be supplied upon request or in the pre-race email.  Race Credits must be used within one year of issued date and is transferable. To use the credit select "race credit" as payment type.
11. We collect the least amount of personal information as possible, we do not sell, trade, share or intentionally allow the public to view. We respect your privacy and make every attempt to keep confidential. There is the possibility of your email being exposed to other participants. Our electronic payments are processed by Paypal through their secure website. We do not get your credit card, debit card, checking acct. information. We only get your email address, physical address, phone number and payment confirmation.

General info.
Maps; Maps are printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. The ink may bleed some but will not wash off. Maps are typically at 1/24,000th scale with a one kilometer grid. Our declination is 6 degrees. They will have trails, streams, roads, watershed, topo lines, most buildings. They will not have undergrowth, fences, rock formations, logging roads, ATV trails or other items as such.

We reserve the right to change rules and policies as needed......
Event Rules
1. Good sportsmanship always prevails!! We expect good faith from all participants, this is for fun, not a million dollar prize.
2. Park rules must be followed unless we have a waived rule.
3. DO NOT litter!
4. The team captain or solo is required to display a numbered race bib on their back at all times during the event. The number must be visible at all times. The team captain or solo will be responsible for mandatory gear checks.
5. The team captain or solo may report any other team or solo suspected of a violation to the race official at the finish table within 30 minutes of the event finish time. Must provide team number.
6. Any team or solo suspected of misconduct be required to answer questions concerning the possible violation as reported. Violations may result in points deduction, disqualification or banned from participation.
7. When a control becomes misplaced or missing, if the team punches 2 controls nearest the missing one the team will get credit for the missing one. Must be multiple reports of missing control. We will try to check during event to verify.
8. Teams must travel together (within earshot and visual or less than 50 yards) and all members must be able to visually see each control punched. Violating this rule may result in disqualification, loss of points or banned from participation.
9. Racers are NOT permitted to cross private property. Everyone must stay on public property. Violating this rule may result in disqualification, loss of points or banned from participation.
10. No electronic navigation devices. Altimeters are OK. A compass is mandatory.
11. Wireless phones are required for emergency use.
12. A safety whistle is mandatory in case you get lost or injured.
13. Two categories are solos and team. No categories (divisions) based on age or gender. 24 hour ROGAINE's will be teams only. (subject to change per event)
14. All racers must check out before leaving the race venue.
15. Scoring will be Rogaine style. First number of checkpoint x 10. (ex. cp#63 = 60 points) except for adventure races.
16. Late penalty = 10 point deduction per minute past race finish time.
17. Race director is always right!! Keep It Simple Silly!