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2012 RoH24 Results

       Race of Hope left many racers hoping for some relief from the high temps and high humidity. That relief was served up with a brief thunderstorm and welcome rain, well welcome depending on your location. Many told stories "where were you when the storm hit?" some in a creek, some in the forest, some on a road or trail, one team was fortunate enough to be in a tent at CP 52W. The large 24 hour course and high temps and humidity took it's toll on many teams by slowing them down or quitting early. Others teams were slowed from the bees and their viscous stings, I guess they were hot and cranky as well.
    Only one team was able to overcome all these obstacles to clear all 35 CP's and did not need to get the second surprise map with only 3 CP's. Team Odyssey came in first at 5:55am, Team B&D came in at 2:20am with no expectations of placement but ended in second place. Third place was not secured until 7:35am by Honey Badgers with another surprise high score. Third place and one half was Team 361, Okay really 4th place but was awarded third by accident. (keep the plaques, we won't tell anyone....shhhhhh)
    We were able to keep teams hydrated and fed all night with help from our volunteers. Thanks to Todd from Race-COAR, Joe and Heather. Thanks to the Park and Forest for allowing us to utilize this awesome place and use the resources of WATER! I would love to know how many gallons were consumed in the 24 hours. The backpack camps and Coke machines were most likely emptied by our ROGAINER's.
    Thanks to our product sponsors; Fits Sock Company, Road ID, Honey Stinger, My Topo and Custom Ink.
    We will be donating a portion of proceeds to The American Cancer Society and The Friends of Lake Hope. Thanks to all that supported this event.