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2013 Green Corn Moon

Green Corn NO Moon ROGAINE is all wrapped up with no casualties.

Leading up to Aug. 3 we had record rainfalls and August like heat for the entire month of July. We were very excited to have some awesome weather. Many racers took adavntage of the opportunity to bike or hike trails before the event began and were treated to some fabulous single track with superior conditions. Sign in began at 8 pm and continued as darkness overcame the shelter giving everyone a preview of just how dark is is without the moon and a heavy canopy of trees. Great Seal is really a pleasure to navigate through with the variety of trails and lack of undergrowth.

9:30pm all racers met at the shelter with packs of water and all gear needed for the next 6 hours. Racer briefing was very brief. Trail Trotters won the $50 cash drawing at the start line. At 10pm we sent off all 55 ROGAINE'rs to search for 23 CP's. Everyone scattered about 4 different directions, many choosing to tackle Sugarloaf Mt. at the beginning and many avoiding it completely. We intended to set this course with less difficult navigation to ensure everyone would have more successes and less frustrations. Seemed to work out for most but a few surprise difficult CP's arose their ugly head. #73, the illusive pond and #42 gave most an added challenge where some prevailed and some gave up cause they did not wanna miss out on the buffet of pancakes, fruit and sausage awaiting at the finish. Most did take advantage of the 6 hour limit trying to bag as many CP's as possible to earn the bragging rights and the piece of cedar board with the Green Corn Moon logo precisely burnt into it. Check out the results spreadsheet below.

A huge THANKS!!! to Beth Roy for totaling all the scorecards!! She made no mathematical mistakes which is just awesome.

2013 Green Corn Moon