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And another RoH is complete and in the books. Yippeee!!

The grandfather of adventure racing in Ohio visited the start line, Brad Hunt. Thanks for stopping in. Brad began our passion for ROGAINEing and Adventure Racing.

Zaleski Forest and Lake Hope has become a favorite park for us and many racers. Every year we attempt to take you to new unexplored areas. This year must have been extra special having many comments of the beauty of the park and forest. only one was able to see it all....Mark Lattanzi.

Congrats for clearing the course in record time of a bit over 8 hours. We offered Mark the chance to go out for some more but flatly refused then Samson laid down coughing up something, I think he was playing sick. They both were completely exhausted.

Most spent the full 12 hours out enjoying the park and forest locating the 25 checkpoints. The weather was the best we have had. A couple racers came in with stories of wild boar and black bear sightings. The racers must have stunk pretty bad, there were no attack mentioned. Some could not find some checkpoints possibly due to the breath taking scenery.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the cookout and had plenty to eat, eating is our favorite part of racing.

Special thanks to Laura, Kate and Todd for helping out this year. You really make the operation go much smoother and your help is appreciated by all!! Thanks to everyone for traveling great distances to see us....oh not see us but to run our courses and eat our food,,,, THANKS!!! It really is a pleasure to serve wonderful people like you!!


Thanks to Honey Stinger, Custom Ink, Road ID for their support!

Facebook photo album  (sorry the night pics are bad)

2013 RoH 12 Hour ROGAINE scores