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2013 Sleepy Hollow results

Wonderful people, awesome weather, beautiful forest, challenging course, delicious food,,,,,,,pretty much sums up a great day of ROGAINEing.

This year a record number of ROGAINER's began showing up at 8am eager to begin their search for 31 checkpoints located in over 9000 acres or forest. The morning brought a chilly 34 degrees but the sun was quickly making an awesome day. As racers signed in they received the large map which at first glance overwhelmed some newbies but did not slow their enthusiasm. And we ask "This is your first event and you are taking on 12 hours?" Answer, "Yea, we guess" 
    By 9:45am about 120 racers gathered at the shelter to hear our final instructions before heading out. The Chillicothe Gazette reporter was taking in all the info and interviewing a few racers at the start. After 15 minutes of briefing both the 6 hour and 12 hour racers took off in all directions possible. Some strategies I'm sure did not work out as some did not have strategy and make it up as they run. That's the fun of ROGAINEing there is no right or wrong just regrets and victories. Once every leaves it is usually pretty quiet at the Hash House, but we were very busy hauling water and checking on checkpoints as reports came in of #45 missing and prepping food for the 6 hour finish.
    Typically a few racers will give up early but not today the 6 hour racers used up their time and was completely de-energized at the conclusion and was treated to some hot chili, corn chips, cookies, bananas and drinks while the scores were totaled. (Thanks to Beth and Kate for scoring, they really expedite that process and minimize mistakes)
    Once the 6 hour racers were gone it was back to water drop restocking and driving many miles checking for any injured 12 hour racers. Most remaining 80 racers seem to disappear in the forest as driving around, except the water drops were very popular. As darkness set in signaled time to cook food with the anticipation of some early quitters. We prepped 50 lbs. of pulled pork, chili, parsley potatoes, corn chips, cookies, bananas for a full meal for all our very hungry racers. Everyone devoured most of the food as scores were totaled and we await the late teams. The awards were handed out as we still await the last team to roll in, we packed up our gear as we await the last team to arrive. (As Todd stated to us once when we were really late, "If it was anyone else I would be concerned, but you guys have survival skills") And the final team arrived with no physical injuries but a busted ego.

THANKS to all, Sleepy Hollow was a great success.
Thanks to Beth and Kate for scoring.
Thanks to for printing our maps.
Thanks to for great products.

2013 Sleepy Hollow ROGAINE Results