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2014 Cabin Fever ROGAINE

Leading up to Cabin Fever 2014 the weather was just brutal cold. Below zero for several days. This may have deflated some enthusiasm since registration was down just a bit, but got the Michigan folks sparked up hopeful that Ohio had less snow and warmer temps. We enjoyed a springlike day with a high around 50 degrees and some small doses of sunshine. A great day to get your feet wet in the melting snow. No worries, we had two hot fires served with some chili, noodles, corn chips and cookies awaiting for all at the finish line. Feast on!! Enough to forget about sore legs, bruised butts, and wet feet. Even the American Woodcocks had a great day of navigation. Most everyone used nearly all the six hours allotted, must have been fun to break out of that Cabin Fever state of mind.

The Michigan crew claimed the top three in the solo division. Is that divide and conquer strategy? Clearing the course was not gonna happen with the slick melting snow. The course beat Hail to the Chimp again just missing one checkpoint, better than we even expected, he is a machine!! Congrats to our top team, The Hillbilly's for whoopin' up on the course as well.

Congrats to another Michigan racer Michelle Green on winning the $50 cash drawing at the start line.

A HUGE THANKS to all for supporting our events!!