Approximately 30 ROGAINER's starting arriving at Great Seal Park at the time when most would be preparing for bed. All were really eager for that sun to set and get started locating 20 checkpoints along with one bonus checkpoint. This little park is really awesome to explore in the night with a great trail system and limited undergrowth. We did find some green briars and you know we put a checkpoint in them.

After two hours of planning and our $50 drawing we sent them off at 10pm sharp (ATT time) to start their search. Funny how 30 people can just disappear in the forest. With some patience you can see headlamps dancing through the trees. So now we have about 4 hours to kill before the cooking begins.

Many racers chose to trek to the far south to get some big points and others chose the more conservative northern portion. A few took on the challenge to locate disc golf hole #14 and shoot a bearing of 195* then travel 165 M to locate CP#55. This proved to be very challenging in the dark. I think the find was about 50/50 with many describing that they walked within 20 yards of the CP. Then CP#83 proved to be a challenge even though it was merely 25 yards of a trail/ridge but embedded in PawPaw trees. Yep, it's a 80 pointer, you really think it's gonna be easy.

Around 3:30am everyone began arriving at the finish line ready to consume a buffet of Chuckies pancakes and sausage. After scoring awards were handed out along with some Honey Stingers and Tubies. Hope everyone had a safe drive home. I know our 15-20 minute drive was tough to stay awake. Then had a ROGAINE hangover for two days.

Thanks to everyone that participated.

Thanks to Honey Stinger and Road ID for their product support.