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2014 Race of Hope ROGAINE

Race of Hope has always been a special place for us. It was wonderful to share this park with many out of state people. We appreciate everyone traveling many hours to be a part of our event. Friday night started with an uncertainty of the weather forecast of heavy rain and thunderstorms through the night. Fortunately we did not get rain on our tent and awoke to a very comfortable, dry 62*. So off we go to set up registration table and prepare for the day.
Everyone signed in, received their maps, scorecards, buff or mug and a Honey Stinger. Then at 9:45am we met with all the ROGAINER's to add any last minute details before sending them of to their 8 hour journey into the forest. So at 10am the horn blew, no, the siren sounded, no, the gun shot, no, I just yelled, GO.

We had a couple of no shows that we hoping would arrive and we were awaiting The American Woodcocks minus one cock plus one wife. They were expected to arrive at 10:30 since the other cock was in an all night Go Ruck event in Columbus. So around noon the cock and wife arrived with no sleep ready to tackle this course as a training exercise. (they are preparing for the world ROGAINEing championships) So after a cold Bud off they go and we hoped they would come back. This should shed some light on the Woodcocks lower than normal score. 

Now the Hash House was abnormally quiet so we made a couple laps around the forest/park looking for quitters, none were found so we cooked and ate all day.

About 5pm the rain and thunder rolled in cooling off all the runners just in time for some grilled chicken, green beans, corn and watermelon. As everyone ate scores were tallied. We handed out the top three solos and teams awards. 

Everyone made it made safely so we call that a successful day. Thank-you!

2014 Race of Hope