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2015 Frozen Beaver ROGAINE results


How do you measure success? Based on the outcome obviously. 

So The Frozen Beaver was born while last year’s 12 ROGAINE was happening, we were bored and hungry and we ate at the lodge. While eating at the lodge we decided this lodge was much nicer than Tar Hollow shelter. So we proceeded to ask for the manager, Chef Eric spoke with us and would love to have us up. So, there began our newest event. So this would be the first level of success. 

Then on to course design, someone stuck a lake right in the middle of the race course which will consume a bunch of time and really distract from finding those CP's. Should we use the forest or just the park? We chose park only after factoring in the lake, possible weather, winter conditions of racers, mud, snow, ice, swamps. Sounds like a horror movie. Knowing the quality of navigators coming we upped the quantity of CP's to 35 instead of a mere 25 that is typical. This changed the entire course strategy. Racers really enjoyed short treks and quick attacks. Second Success!!

Lake Hope is an hour for us to travel and have always camped in a tent. Getting old and soft we went with the cottage. Luxury for us this year!! And our wives came along to make it an enjoyable family trip. Plus the added bonus of volunteers. Yea, we win again. Success! (Thanks wives)

Racers eagerly began arriving before 8 am like little eager beavers. Promptly at 8 sign in began in the warm banquet room of the lodge. Yes, we win again, much better than the shelter. Racers also enjoyed the warm space to plan out the routes and meet up with friends. Everyone checked in, planned the routes and attended the pre-race briefing at 9:45 am. The whistle blew at 10:00 am and off they go to locate all those CP's. Being in the lodge with Wifi we were able to send out some start line pictures for the world to follow and the Wifi gave us something to do all day!! We win! Yes, success!!

As we make our customary driving laps around the park looking for quitters and racers needing help the weather was getting nice and warm and sunny. After several weeks of cold the warm was very welcome. Those people from up north were really happy to see the sun and the ground but were getting very steamy hot.
The weather was a success!!

Now for the ultimate success, can someone clear the course, will everyone make it back, will time management be a factor, did someone fall in the lake, and was there an angry beaver attack? Nope, it's all good! The course was cleared by a few but not without their most intense effort ever on one of our courses. When Hail to the Chimp, The Hillbillies, Running with Samson +1 and Benton all come back completely beat down, dehydrated and somewhat smiling and no regrets are satisfying. They were successful and so was our course that proved to punish them.

Now on to the BIG buffet of pulled pork, veggies, beans, rolls, vegetarian option and BEER to top off a awesome day in the woods. This is where the big smiles roll out! While cards are getting tallied everyone enjoyed the best food ever served at one of our events. Thanks to the Lake Hope Lodge and staff! Success!!

The top three teams and top three solo's received a machete as the award. These seemed to bring out the inner pirate in some. Be sure to look at the pics. What a wonderful day to spend in the woods looking for CP's.

**NO beavers were harmed while making this ROGAINE.

Thanks to;

Our wives

and of course all of you!!