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2015 Green Corn Moon ROGAINE

So, After like 37 days of rain, we were very fortunate to have the best day and evening since like May to ROGAINE the Great Seal State Park. For many frequent ROGAINER's they were able to actually see the park in daylight. We started the race this at 6 pm to attract those that are afraid of the dark and give everyone a chance to actually see how to get out of the disc golf area and avoid that one big cliff area.

NSF arrived at the shelter after our traditional Chipotle meal to find many excited racers ready to go. Promptly at 4 pm folks got maps and started the plan a route to take them far away from the shelter. For some that plan just did not pan out due to the elevation of our southern Ohio hills or some might say "mountains". With the daylight start many took this opportunity to head deep south that normally was avoided due to the fear of the dark or maybe getting lost in the dark. Does anyone else get a creepy feeling at the old foundation where the water drop is? Oh never track.

By looking at the score sheet most everyone stayed out nearly the entire 6 hours looking for those hidden little checkpoints. A couple low score checkpoints eluded some of the best navigators, blame it on the BIG full moon which was the blue moon or we call it The Green Corn Moon!! 

As racers arrived they were welcomed with a buffet of pancakes and sausage. Well the finish was at 12 am, so a big breakfast was in order. Once the score sheets were tallied, we handed out the machetes to the top three teams and solos. Those machetes always bring out the pirate side of people, funny thing to see a fatigued person get a 18" weapon in their hand at midnight under a full moon.

Thanks to everyone for attending. Special Thanks to Katie and Julie for scoring!!! They allowed us to focus on the all you eat pancakes and sausage!