The elusive win has been attained by a awesome athlete at The 2016 Green Corn Moon ROGAINE.

The stars, the moon, the corn, the map all aligned perfectly for Mr. Maletich on August 6, 2016. (or was it the lucky shirt?) He was the only athlete to clear the course at The Great Seal State Park and obtain the #1 position. Congrats.

Over 60 ROGAINEr's merged on The Great Seal State Park to search for Poke'mon on the night of August 6, 2016. The a very active Poke stop was at the start/finish line which distracted many racers but most headed into the forest to look for the hidden checkpoints and explore southern Ohio's little treasure state park. The group started in the light of day at 6pm and continued to search until midnight. Upon the arrival to the shelter racers were greeted with a buffet of pancakes and sausage. Thanks for your continued support. it is truly a pleasure to organize these events for a great group of people. 
                                                Please give a special THANKS to Kate for attending the scorecards.