Michigan ROGAINErs sweep the solo division at the 3rd running of the Frozen Beaver ROGAINE

    We are really not sure how all these Michigan people are finding their way to Vinton County, OH. But we are sure thankful they are, as they bring a new level of competition to our sport.

     Frozen Beaver again was blessed with the best weather conditions for another running of our 6 hour ROGAINE. A little snow would have been more interesting, but whose going to complain about plenty of sun and 32 degrees in February. As usual most racers found their way to the bottom of the lodge to get signed in and quickly start planning routes. This year brought a new leg that could take racers to the famous haunted Moonville Tunnel that includes multiple crossings of Raccoon Creek. We played nice and created a route to get around all the water crossings and also left a drink token down there for the first racer to punch it. So back to the start line, afters an hour or so of planning everyone gathered up for the mass start out on the patio. We reviewed course notes, through out some Subaru Fandanas and send 90 racers on their way.

    Once 5 hours and 30 minutes elapsed racers began returning to the lodge with stories and empty bellies where a plentiful buffet was awaiting. Most everyone made it back before the massive penalties started taking a toll on the scores.

     As everyone enjoyed the meal (The cash bar seemed popular as well, beer seems to be a great recovery drink), the scores were promptly tallied and the awards were given out. We also gave out another 20 Subaru Fandanas and about 6 beavers. (not real beavers of course)

    Thanks to everyone for attending, Thanks to Katie for all the help, Thanks to The Lake Hope Lodge, Thanks to The Lake Hope State Park and Thanks to The Zaleski State Forest.   

Frozen Beaver scoresheet 2017.xls