2017 Green corn Moon ROGAINE results

Green Corn Moon ROGAINE Draws record crowd!!!
The famous ROGAINE in southern Ohio must be gaining in popularity, a record attendance was recorded this years 6 hour ROGAINE. Maybe the full moon helped with attendance and a lot of these people are just crazy. (just kidding, we love our racers)(crazy or not).

So this years event started with traditional drawings of a $50 cash drawing and this year added a Mark Lattanzi original "Squiggly Lines". What a great book of navigation instructions. Get your own copy here. And two trackers were loaned out to see the tracks of 2 random teams. After the drawings we gave out race instructions and do's and dont's and answered questions. Promptly at 6pm the race whistle blows and off they go.

So at this point at race headquarters get pretty boring, so we pass our time setting up for the midnight finish breakfast and ready ourselves to tally all those score sheets and take a few pictures. Maybe sneak in a nap. During the race we always wish for everyone's safety and hope we do not need to do any emergency extractions. Although very rare we do occasionally provide emergency transportation off the course, well this tear we had a rescue operation of a canine race companion. Jax cut his foot and was promptly transported to race headquarters then on to doggy hospital to get a few stitches. He is now not resting (you know restless dogs) for a full recovery.

Finally after 6 plus hours everyone has returned safely and enjoyed a pancake breakfast while sharing those stories of how much elevation they climbed and the checkpoints that were elusive. Hopefully this years full moon helped with navigation. Time management only caused a couple teams a time penalty this year. So you guys are getting really good at this. Congrats to all!!!

The scores were promptly tallied, the awards were handed out and we wished everyone a safe drive home.

Thanks to Kate and Julie for their awesome job of scoring, without them you would not get pancakes!!!
Thanks to everyone for attending!! ROGAINEr's ROCK!!!

Facebook photo album. (link to be added, FB being cranky)