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2012 CFR Results

Well another Cabin Fever has came and gone. Weather has always been a hot topic for CFR and this was no different. This year left us wondering what happened to the snow, we had the water part but Hail to the Chimp did not bring the Canadian temps. How can we have a week of sun then one day of rain then follow with another week of sun. We are not bad people,  well maybe just a little bad. So anyway we greeted 125 racers as they signed in and prepped for their six hour journey into Tar Hollow. Newbies sought advice while the experienced went through the ritual of gear check and hydration. 9:45am the entire group gathered to listen to for any changes, clues, hints or advice. But to their surprise they were showered with cash, Honey Stingers and Road ID gift cards. That was a different start to a ROGAINE, kinda cool. People were really cheering for us up on stage! (not really, we were on a picnic table throwing out Honey Stingers) After running out of stuff to give out we sent racers off into the forest and most did not return for six hours.
 The lack of snow did not slow Hail to the Chimp's ability to find CP's at a blistering pace which forces us to grow this course next year. They came in at record time, ate bunches of chili, got the award and was heading back north before the 4pm cut off. After that most teams used up every minute and a few got greedy or lost and came in late and one team came in really late. We were actually packing up so we could start a search, but they showed up about 5. Other than an elusive #63 CP the course was challenging and fun. Some racers really enjoyed a dry pair of Fits Socks as they were randomly given out on the course. Everyone enjoyed steaming hot beans and chili after a rainy day of ROGAINEing. Thanks to all for the sell out crowd.

Please take time to Thank our sponsors and helpers.

Fits Sock Co.
Honey Stinger
Road ID
Custom Ink

Billy and Kate served up the food. Gary and Jason picked up CP's on Sunday. Thanks!!!