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2011 Green Corn Moon

This year the Green Corn Moon started in the daylight hour of 8pm. The racers were able to find their way out of the ever confusing disc golf area. Once out they were treated to a few areas packed full of weeds and briars compliments of a very wet and fertile spring. But we were nice and placed most checpoints in easy to access locations. The lack of undergrowth and great trail system makes it a awesome park to night nav. The racers that braved the long trek down south took advantage of the water drop. It was difficult to keep up with the dehyrated racers thirst. Everyone was treated to a wonderful night of fireworks and heat lightning but no actual storm. Everyone returned safefully around 2am and was treated to big breakfast buffet of biscuits/gravy and pancakes which is worth the admission price as most claim. Our great young recruit of volunteers tallied up the scores which allowed us to promptly and accurately award the top three slots in the team and solo divisions. BIG THANKS to our sponsors, volunteers and attendees.
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2011 Green Corn Moon ROGAINE