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2011 Hewitt's Challenge

Spring in Scioto Trail Park is really special. Racers woke up to rainy wet morning for their travel to Hewitt's Challenge. No surprise for one of our events. But the day did bring peaks of sunshine and some challenging navigation to find 31 checkpoints. By chance it is mushroom and turkey hunting season down here. So racers also enjoyed a day of dodging mushrooms and turkeys.

Hewitt's Challenge featured four extra activities to challenge teams strategies to gain the most points. Many teams chose to participate in the optional games to gain points and up the challenge and some chose to keep moving with plan A and some never really had a plan, well except to have a fun day and make it back to the BBQ chicken, corn salad, potato chips, bananas, cake and plenty of ice cold drinks. Others had a mission to collect as many Fits Socks as possible. (McFudd) We traveled around the course and randomly gave out 50 pairs of Fits Socks and blister kits. What a treat with all those wet and muddy feet. Everyone received a Honey Stinger energy bar at the beginning and enjoyed them on the course. 

This event saw our first ever 100 point CP which several teams thought it was the answer to winning, not. It was a bit out of the way and on the muddiest trail of the day. The games created some rethinking, a racer said he arrived at CP11 on the O course, shot a bearing to CP12 and discovered it was on the next ridge over across a large valley. At this point he chose to skip the remaining O course. But he was treated to a new pair of socks upon his return.

To sum it up Hewitt's Wilderness Challenge was a Challenging, FuN, WEt, mind blowing experience. Thanks to all that participated and helped. Volunteers; Todd, Joe, Matt, Kathy, Kate and Kate.....THANKS!!!!
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Foot Division
 Solo's Team's
 First-Over The Hill Gang
 First-Mike & Stacey
 Second-Beavis & Butthead
 Third-Todd Pownell
 Third-Batteries Included

Bike Division
 Solo's Team's
First-Grey Ghost
First-Out of Control
Second-Cave Run Bike & Paddle

Second-Big Wheels

Third-Michigan Racing Addict

Hewitts Challenge scoresheet