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2011 Race of Hope

    A cool frosty morning greeted racers that traveled from a very large region that included NY, IN, IL, KY and all over Ohio. Thanks for traveling so far to participate in our event.
     For racers that had a completed waiver, they received a pair of Fits Socks. (the new trail sock, AWESOME I must say) Honey Stinger helped us out with providing every racer with a energy bar, Road ID provides our race numbers and Custom Ink makes the t-shirts. THANKS to all our great sponsors.
    Thanks to Ben for jumping in helping out after a couple volunteers backed out last minute.
And now onto to the main event, We had a mass start of ROGAINEr's and Adventure Racers at 8 am sharp. The ROGAINEr's received the map at sign in but AR's had to run about a 5K to get theirs. So off they went ROAGAINEr's going in all directions and the AR's all heading down the road looking for 5 CP's positioned along the way to keep them honest. One by one they arrived to punch CP 14 and received the big map with the entire course pre-marked, now huddled along the road trying to plan the next leg of Orienteering to 5 more CP's located on the peninsula. Without wasting much time, most head back down the hill that they just run up. But with the cool air and bright sun shining there were no complaints. Within about 40 minutes racers begun to arrive at the bike transition to head out for about 12 to 20 miles of mountain biking to collect 12 CP's. Some chose to utilize the road and jump in and out of the trail system and others chose to stay on the trails. The southern Ohio hills were beginning to take it's toll on the energy levels by now. Everyone kept pushing forward to get the paddling in before dark, which everyone did!! The paddling section had only 5 CP's and most chose to get all 5. I think it was just an excuse to rest their legs since they knew the ROGAINE finish included more hill climbs and 14 CP's. Only 6 CP's were needed to be ranked and a few fell just short. But they for sure put in in plenty of effort and at least deserve a big pat on the back. Only the top two solo's were able to clear the course. Good job to all our AR racers, We hope the course was challenging and rewarding to all.
    Now a few words about the ROGAINEr's. WOW, the top athletes made short work of destroying our reputation of clearing a course. Looking back maybe we should have put you out with the deer hunter's on the forest side, getting shot at with a arrow would have distracted you a bit. Mark our words, it will not happen again. Next years course will be bigger, maybe 100 miles in 24 hours?? The ROGAINEr's did enjoy the short distance between CP's since they were getting all the AR CP's but in any order. Some CP's were close as 500 yards apart. Fast attackpoints. Everyone enjoyed the ability of collecting many CP's in a short time.
    Another side note; Noone was late this event. Good job!
    In closing, I would like to put one myth to bed. ROGAINEr's are NOT afraid of the water. We just avoid it. Nuff said.

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